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Preventive dental care is essential to maintain your child’s healthy smile for years to come, especially since their baby teeth are susceptible to decay and trauma. At Capitola Kids Dentistry, Dr. Seth Reder provides pediatric restorations that keep your child’s dental structure healthy and intact. A growing smile requires proactive care, and to obtain this care, contact our practice to schedule a visit

Why are Restorations Necessary? 

Although baby teeth may be bright, white, and healthy looking, from the moment they erupt in the smile, they are in danger of developing cavities. Just as adult teeth require crowns and fillings to cover up fractures and decay, baby teeth have equivalent restorations. These are fabricated to fit your child’s smile and are designed to protect their teeth from further decay.

As children grow up and play outside, there is a chance that a dental emergency will occur, such as a fractured or chipped tooth. They can also develop cavities, especially if they have not developed proper hygiene habits. Pediatric restorations at our Capitola, CA, kid’s dental practice address emergencies, treat decay and restore the structure of our patient’s smiles. 

Pediatric Restorations at Capitola Kid’s Dentistry  

We provide essential restorations to ensure your child’s natural teeth are protected and their oral health is no longer compromised.;


Dr. Seth Reder provides composite resin fillings for young patients to protect their dental health and keep their smiles beautiful. These tooth-colored fillings are compatible with dental sealants and defend teeth from decay. Small cavities are treated with fillings, and treatment is done at your child’s comfort and pace. Once care is complete, patients can simply brush and floss as usual. 


When a child has a large cavity or fracture, a simple filling cannot protect the tooth from further decay. Dr. Seth Reder provides dental crowns to restore the overall structure and health of the tooth. Our Capitola, CA, pediatric dentist uses two types of pre-fabricated restorations: stainless steel or zirconia crowns. 

Zirconia crowns are perfect for the front teeth, as they are tooth-colored and aesthetically pleasing. Known for their durability and natural shading, zirconia crowns protect your child’s smile from further damage. 

Stainless steel dental crowns are a recommended option for patients with severe decay. These crowns are an inexpensive, durable option that provides full protection to your child’s tooth. 

Compassionate Care to Ensure Your Child’s Oral Health

At Capitola Kid’s Dentistry, our dentists and staff are passionate about caring for your child’s smile. We provide essential pediatric treatments to ensure our patients develop proper at-home oral care habits and oral health that lasts a lifetime. Our pediatric restorations ensure that baby teeth are kept healthy so that their permanent teeth grow into their proper position. This preventive approach reduces the chances your child may need orthodontic treatment later while allowing them to comfortably learn how to eat and speak with ease. 

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Dr. Seth Reder and the rest of the fun-loving staff at Capitola Kid’s Dentistry provide pediatric dental restorations and treatments. For more information about our services, contact our practice today! 


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